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Building Permit

Array • Constructing, renovating, demolishing or moving buildings

A building permit is a license, issued by the Building Division of the Planning and Development Department, granting you legal permission to start construction with the knowledge that the issued drawings comply with appropriate governmental regulations. In addition, the building permit provides the means to enforce the requirements of the building code, Zoning By-law as well as other laws and standards to ensure compliance during construction as well as the safety of the building. As a property owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that a building permit is obtained prior to construction. The building permit initiates a series of coordinated inspections and permits from start to finish. Building without a permit is against the law and could result in you and/or your contractor being subject to fines or penalties as set out in the Building Code Act.


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The Corporation of the Town of Milton

Building Department

150 Mary Street

Milton, Ontario

L9T 6Z5 

Tel:905-878-7252 ext. 2397


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